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What Does Chamber Membership Mean to Me?

Bob Thornton, O’Donnell Impact Windows and Storm Protection

“During the recession of 2008 our relatively new company was in jeopardy of failing so we made the decision to take a risk and join a Chamber of Commerce. I went to an event at each of the Chambers on the Treasure Coast. As we could not really afford the membership, we had to be careful where we placed our bet. At my first after-hours event at the Hobe Sound Chamber I felt like I was with old friends as they welcomed me in with open arms. I became actively involved in most of the events that the Chamber offered, and as a result, our business was saved. I made many great friends and fell in love with the Hobe Sound community. Over the years, as our business has thrived, we have had the great honor of giving back to the Hobe Sound Chamber of Commerce and the wonderful community of Hobe Sound.”


Blake Capps, Capps Roofing

“We joined the Hobe Sound Chamber in 1998 and have been members ever since. We also joined the President’s Council when it began several years ago and have also been members of this outstanding group up to the present date. Our business has profited greatly over the years from relationships gained and referrals given at the chamber. We are extremely grateful for these tangible advancements to our business. But the best part about the Hobe Sound Chamber is the wonderful people in it. It is a dynamic group that is on the move. Events are well-attended with everyone feeling very welcome. Some of our best friendships have come from the chamber. We look forward to every breakfast, after-hours, community event and President’s Council event. We highly recommend this great chamber. Come join us, and I’m certain you’ll agree!”


Wayne S Klick, EyeMarketing, LLC

In my opinion if a business wants a successful relationship, as a chamber member, that business must participate, in chamber activities, on a regular basis. Remember, that each person you meet, has at least six people in their sphere of influence, so, the more you attend, the more people you talk to, the more people will learn and understand your business.

During my ten years, as a chamber member, EyeMarketing, LLC has utilized, what we believe, to be the best ROI chamber event, the monthly breakfast sponsorship. A business has the opportunity to address the membership, display their products, and meet with the membership at the end of the breakfast. So, we can say, without a doubt, that the success of our business is directly attributed to the chamber and all the breakfast sponsorships we sponsored throughout the years.

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